Hearty Bone Broth Lentil Soup

This heart bone broth lentil soup is basically a superfood. It’s full of amazing ingredients like sauerkraut, bone broth and rainbow chard. Not only is it really good for your gut, it is comforting, almost reminiscent of a rustic tomato soup, but with more dimension. And it is crazy how addicting it is. Like, my […]

Gluten Free Lemon Blueberry Muffins

The other day I woke up with this craving for gluten free lemon blueberry muffins. So I started trolling for recipes. Everything I found had about a cup and half of sugar, so nope! There’s no way I’m putting that in my body first thing in the morning.

Avocado Coconut Ice Cream Popsicles

That title makes me want to march right down to the store for more ingredients just so I can make these avocado coconut ice cream popsicles again tonight. They. Are. So. Good. By now many people have hopped on the avocado ice cream train, and I’m all for it. This summer treat is super healthy: […]

Spinach Whole Milk Yogurt Pancakes

I developed this recipe for spinach whole milk yogurt pancakes in high school when I was looking for a short cut for my grandma’s buttermilk pancakes, which require beating the egg whites, which I never seemed to have time to do. I needed something quick, tart, and still fluffy and moist. Yogurt was the perfect […]

Gluten Free Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

Growing up in Colorado, fall meant cottonwood and aspen trees covered in golden leaves, maples that were orange and cranberry red. It was a new pair of jeans, a comfy sweatshirt over a t-shirt. Mornings were crisp, and the afternoon sun made our cheeks rosy. And of course, brilliant blue skies. It was all pretty […]