Hi, I’m Molly! Welcome to Thyme for Honey, a blog written, created, and photographed by me. I am an actress and model living in Los Angeles, home of the most amazing avocados, and *usually* perfect 75 degree weather. This blog was born several years ago to share my plant based meals with friends and family, and has since grown into a lovely community, as well as one of my biggest passions.

While food is necessary to our survival, I believes that it can be so much more. It is bonding, comforting, artistic, creative, and healing. It holds our family’s secrets and memories. It brings people together, gives us an excuse to take a break from the busy bustle of life, sit down, and do something nice for ourselves. So why not make it healthy and delicious?

Foods and produce are bought locally whenever possible, always organic, from farmers markets when time allows.