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Roasted Veggie Pesto Frittata

Roasted Veggie Pesto Frittata

Hello dear readers! I am well aware that it has been a while since my last recipe. Cooking in the Thyme for Honey kitchen has been…let’s call it adventurous. Everything and anything went wrong while I was working on fresh blog posts; from cake batter leaking out and burning on the bottom of my oven, […]

Flourless Magic Muffins

flourless magic muffins

I first stumbled upon a version of these flourless magic muffins a few years ago, but when I made them, I was thoroughly unimpressed. Fast forward to last week when I was scrolling through Pinterest, and I again saw a recipe touting the wonders of these muffins. So I decided to tackle these flourless magic […]

Loaded Avocado Toast Meal Prep

loaded avocado toast meal prep

The new year is upon us, and with it, new resolutions to eat healthy. For me, this drive to eat clean comes from a couple solid weeks of enjoying rich, holiday favorites. This loaded avocado toast meal prep satisfies a few key breakfast criteria: tasty, easy, quick. And while I love whipped cream on my […]

Tomato Garlic Zoodles

I feel like I should start this off by saying that my parents own a family-style Italian restaurant, where each dish starts with a pound of pasta; and that my older brother married into an Italian family. So pasta, is in my blood. Or at least, very close by. Tomato garlic zoodles have become my new […]