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Baked Pumpkin Collagen Pancakes

Baked Pumpkin Collagen Pancakes

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my time here on earth, it’s that there will never be too many pancake recipes! These baked pumpkin collagen pancakes are unique in that they taste like pancakes, but are baked in the oven instead of pan-fried. This is a time-saver and also great for meal-prepping. I often […]

Paleo Pumpkin Granola

paleo pumpkin granola

If you’re like me and are a little hazy on what exactly “paleo” means in regards to food, don’t worry! In this case, paleo pumpkin granola means NO OATS, or any grains for that matter. Yes, this paleo pumpkin granola is made purely from nuts, seeds, and coconut flakes. And let me tell you, I […]

Hearty Pumpkin Chickpea Stew

Yesterday morning I woke up to a light drizzle. It only lasted thirty more minutes, but in Los Angeles, this is BIG NEWS. Immediately I started thinking about sweaters, cozy socks, and heart-warming dinners. And thus this hearty pumpkin chickpea stew was born. “Come,” said the Wind to the Leaves one day. “Come over the […]

Flourless Protein Pumpkin Spice Bars

It has arrived. Pumpkin spice in all its glory. I know everyone tends to go a bit bonkers for their pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cake, the list is endless, and for good reason. These flourless protein pumpkin spice bars are heaven in your mouth, and these fall flavors are the first […]