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Hearty Pumpkin Chickpea Stew

Hearty Pumpkin Chickpea Stew

Yesterday morning I woke up to a light drizzle. It only lasted thirty more minutes, but in Los Angeles, this is BIG NEWS. Immediately I started thinking about sweaters, cozy socks, and heart-warming dinners. And thus this hearty pumpkin chickpea stew was born.

“Come,” said the Wind to the Leaves one day.
“Come over the meadow and we will play.
Put on your dresses of red and gold.
For summer is gone and the days grow cold.”

I love a good, chunky soup; while they are rustic, they never lack in flavor. And let’s be honest, it’s nice to just chop, throw into a pot, boil, and serve. No extra dishes, mess, or time spent blending. This hearty pumpkin chickpea stew recipe calls for bone broth, but can be completely vegan is you choose to use vegetable broth instead. Both taste delicious!Hearty Pumpkin Chickpea Stew

Hearty Pumpkin Chickpea Stew

1 Large Onion
4 Carrots
4 Stalks Celery
2 Cans Chickpeas
1 Can Pumpkin Puree
32 oz. Chicken Bone Broth- (or vegetable broth)
1 t. Turmeric
1 t. Dried Sage
1 t. Salt
½ t. Garlic Powder
½ t. Onion Powder
½ t. Dried Oregano
1 t. Brown Sugar
¼ t. Chili Flakes
2 T. Olive Oil


Green Onion
Plain Greek Yogurt

Begin by heating olive oil in a large soup pot. Dice the onion and add to the pot and stir to coat in the oil. While they cook, peel and chop the carrots and celery. Toss in with the onions. Drain and rinse the chickpeas and add to the mix. Sprinkle in all of the spices and give everything a stir. Let them sizzle for two minutes before adding the pumpkin, and lastly the bone broth. Bring the soup to a boil before covering and reducing the heat to a simmer. Let the soup cook for a least an hour, stirring every fifteen minutes or so. Top with diced green onion and a dollop of plain Greek yogurt. Bon appetite!

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2 thoughts on “Hearty Pumpkin Chickpea Stew

  1. Cathy R says:

    Warm and cozy…and great tasting no doubt. I’ve got chicken bone broth in the crockpot anticipating this weekend’s weather change in Colorado. Wasn’t sure what to put in it. Now I know!!!

    1. Molly Ritter says:

      Perfect! Happy fall 🐿🍁🍂