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Healthier Super Bowl Snacks

Healthier Super Bowl Snacks

Whether you’re all about the snacks, the commercials, the game, or all three, Super Bowl Sunday is just a couple days away and it’s time to get those menus planned out! So I decided to round up a handful of my favorite healthier Super Bowl snacks for you to add to your spread.

Sweet Potato Nacho Pie

Healthier Super Bowl Snacks

We’ve made it to Super Bowl Sunday, one of the best holidays for SNACKS. Earlier this week I whipped up this sweet potato nacho pie for lunch and it was unanimously voted onto Sunday’s menu. It’s a fork and plate situation, and I’m 100% ok with it. Imagine veggie fajitas, that are baked, with melted […]

Roasted Veggie Sheet Pan Salad

Roasted Veggie Sheet Pan Salad

Let me tell you about this roasted veggie sheet pan salad, and why you’ll want to be making it at least once a week. First of all, it’s very hands off, but still has tons of flavor, texture, and nutrients, which on busy nights is always a win. As advertised, most of the ingredients are […]

Cassava Sweet Potato Muffins

Cassava sweet potato muffins

Snacking should be fun. Not mindless, but actual fun, where you know you’re eating good healthy food, and it is enjoyable, and maybe a bit cute. These merry little cassava sweet potato muffins are moist, filled with stevia sweetened chocolate chips, and made with minimal ingredients. So I’d say, they fit the bill.

Crockpot Sweet Potato Tacos

Crockpot Purple Sweet Potato Tacos

There is nothing more satisfying than prepping a delicious, healthy, plant based meal, then walking away, knowing dinner will be a breeze to get on the table! These crockpot sweet potato tacos are baked in your slow cooker, much the way you’d make them in the oven, but without heating up your house or needing […]

Parmesan Crusted Sweet Potato Fries

Parmesan Crusted Sweet Potato Fries

For about as long as I’ve been eating sweet potatoes, I’ve been trying, and failing to create perfectly crunchy fries. Then one day last week, I made these parmesan crusted sweet potato fries, and hallelujah! I did it.

Baked Sweet Potato Donuts

Baked Sweet Potato Donuts

This recipe for baked sweet potato donuts came about nearly three years ago, when I was first starting to blog. I woke up craving one of those sweet, fluffy glazed donuts from the grocery store, but knew that I would get an instant sugar headache, not to mention terrible indigestion, if I ate one.

Baked Carrot Sweet Potato Hash Browns

baked carrot sweet potato hash browns

In my continuing obsession with getting more veggies into my diet, I decided to tackle hash browns. The greasy, classic, all-American breakfast food that makes me cringe, even as I order them again and again. Why? Because eggs and potatoes are meant to be, the same way butter and toast go hand in hand. Most […]

Sweet Potato Pudding

sweet potato pudding

With rain in the forecast and chilly weather sweeping across the country, my body has been asking for comfort food. I’m not sure when I started making sweet potato pudding; maybe about six years ago? It has the earthiness of potatoes, but is creamy like pumpkin pie. And on a cold, dark night, it is […]

The Garden Tart

I feel like the majority of my recipes are quick, easy, and require minimal effort to throw together. But every once in a while I like to do a show stopper, a dish worthy of the Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner table. The garden tart is one of those. It is fiddly, time-consuming, and has many […]